The Pillstrom snake tong were invented by the late Dr. Larry Pillstrom and have been around since 1954. These tongs have been copied by many, some with minor changes by using a cable instead of a rod to activate the jaws. When handling large venomous snakes like cobras or mambas, the rod method is preferred instead of the cable as it has a more positive feel and is more reliable. .

Snake tongs were originally invented for the purposes of holding snake food in the form of rodents. It's better that a snake bites a piece of metal than your hand, if it misses it's target when it strikes. Until recently, herpetologists (reptile experts) caught snakes by hand, or if using “tools” these were restricted to hooks, or more commonly for wild snakes “pinning sticks” the objective being to immobilize the snake long enough to “tail” it (grab it near the end of the tail, not at the end of the tail), before dropping it into a bag or box.
African Reptiles and Venom imports and supplies snake tongs here in South Africa and is also registered with the Wits CPD Office and FGASA (Field Guides Association of South Africa) for the Snake Identification and Snakebite Treatment course as specialist courses.

The Snake Identification and Snakebite Treatment and Snake Handling Course is required for individuals who want to apply for a catch and release permit in South African and also for those who wish to keep indigenous South African snakes, or for people who have just started keeping snakes.

Our Snake Course is recognised by WITS CPD Office, after you complete our course you will receive a certificate which you can forward to Wits to claim your 5 CPD points.

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